Bean attends a still-life art class and it was then instruct by the French-speaking teacher to draw a bowl of fruit. Bean did not realize that he draws two circles in between the banana, only to realized that he draw a nude woman. Bean is shocked and appalled, not realizing that the bowl of fruit was been replaced to a nude woman. The teacher confronts Bean for drawing the wrong object instead of a nude woman and he being insisted to draw a full body of a nude woman. Before he draw the woman, he makes some clay pots, while he is not in the seat, the boy, who is covered by blue chemical powder in his entire body, and his mother arrive inside the room to find him who is responsible in laboratory explosion, but the boy did not find him then they walk out. After Bean finishes making clay pots, he put it on her chest, allowing him to draw her without embarrassment. The teacher once again confronts Bean for drawing the wrong object again, suddenly realize that the woman's chest is covered in a clay. Bean submits the drawing to her and walks out the class.

Back to school : Magnifique BANANA !

Concentration (Photographie © Sonia Marques)

Était annoncée Molly Nilsson à Limoges ! :

Au programme de cet apéro-concert ce soir à partir de 19 heures au Phare ... de la Dream Pop. Molly Nilsson, artiste suédoise expatriée à Berlin traîne sa voix grave et sa mélancolie sans fond à travers le monde, chantant la mort, l’amour blessé et la solitude des villes traversées. Un concert sans fioriture mais intense à voir ce soir. N'hésitez pas à cliquer pour découvrir le clip de Molly Nilsson "Dear Life"

Video by Chris Filippini and Molly Nilsson. Starring Tómas Lermarquis (here an article I wrote from the film η☺ï @ℓ♭ḯη◎ï)
On my soundcloud, I classified there some time ago the power ballad
Delicious time, thank you my lover <3

Lover Noï Albinoï & Nougat & work in progress & Nougatine (Photographies © Sonia Marques)